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Although “IT Union Holding GmbH” was founded newly in 2015, but the members under its umbrella are mostly much older. Like “Starware.com”, which was founded in 1992, just prior Yahoo & Google. And “AVL.net”, founded in 2005.
To manage such different segments under one main identity is not easy, but we do that in order to be able to master more difficult tasks, simply because all of our services are fully integrated.
With us, you can focus a lot more on your own tasks.

The modern life is getting always more complex. And exact therefore, the world is in deep need to have integrated complete solutions from ONE source, and we're trying continuously to be that ONE.

Our client doesn't have to assign internal resources, in order to integrate many solutions from different suppliers. We do that task already for you.
Core Values
Providing scalable and open-platform solutions

Visionary and innovative team, enjoying challenges. Always aiming to deliver the most progressive results.

Full focus on supporting and understanding YOUR NEEDS considering your existing business circumstances and causing minimum effects and disturbance to your staff.

24/7 support service
Our Team
One of our key success factors is that we are driven by a strong technical team, out of a pool of distinguished experts, combining knowledge in various technology sectors, who gained their experience by teaching within the academic field, as well as through participation in major projects within the governmental and business sectors.

Believing in the human capabilities as the main endeavor for any organizations improvement, we are now supported by a top-qualified management-team, capable to structure and analyze any organization, relating on the latest theories and best practices in management, with an endless count of expertise in a variety of industry sectors.

We are proud to say that more than 50% of our client-base is created through “Word-of-Mouth”.

Con O’Donnell
Managing Director
Sarmady – a Vodafone Company

"Your team has consistently been ahead of the game when it comes to website security. They are thorough and dependable, and offer full support 24/7. We have relied upon their expertise for our websites for over 8 years now and we’re very satisfied."
M. Altanna
IT Consultant
Aswat Mesreya – a Reuters' News Portal

"I really impressed by their technical capabilities."

General Terms

We highly appreciate your submission, but kindly note the following:-

Try to give us a good idea about the skills, which make you different.
We’re always searching for the best team we can have, so allow us, not to accept all submitters.
Don’t submit your CV, unless you really intend to stay in our team for long time, as we’re not searching for “Jumpers”.
Ethics are the most important criteria, simply because our projects are very sensitive. So, we need to contact your previous employers.




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You can reach our HQ exactly on the cross section between A46 & A59.It is located in the most famous communication business park “Connecta Parc”.

IT Union Holding GmbH
In der Steele 37
40599 Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tel: +49 (0) 211  99917941

 Fax: +49 (0) 211  99917943
[email protected]

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